How an accelerator helps boosting your business

09 Jun 2016

How an accelerator helps boosting your business

What is an accelerator? How does the program work? What does the incubator Project Flying Elephant offer?

Masoud Kamali, Founder & CEO of West Tech Ventures, will give deep insight in the topic of accelerators and incubators.

What are the experiences with the incubator Project Flying Elephant? And what did participants learn through this experience?

Franziska Schmid, Founder of Veggie Love, and Jenny Boldt, Co-Founder of Mealy, took part in the incubators program of Project Flying Elephant and will share their experience with you.

Jenny Boldt's Keynote at Fempreneur Summit:

Trying to make an elephant fly - how we started up our idea with the help of an incubator

Since October 2015 mealy has been part of Project Flying Elephant, the media tech incubator of West Tech Ventures. In her presentation Jenny will share her experiences and learnings during that program.

Mehr über Jenny Boldt und ihr Startup Mealy im Blog!

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