Program 2016

The keynotes about Business, Startup & Entrepreneurship Topics at Fempreneur Summit 2016
Day 1
09 Jun 2016

Doors open

Welcome Intro – The importance of female entrepreneurship

More information coming soon!If you'd like to read more about female founders and entrepreneurs stories visit Fempreneur!
Maxi Knust

Build a brilliant business: 3 keys to fulfill your purpose, create profit and life prosperity

Fulfillness is the key to create a profitable business and a prosperous lifestyle. But how do we know what fulfills us? And how can we turn this into a profitable...
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Kaja Otto

Espresso Break

Solopreneurship – Why women are better Solopreneurs

The business world has changed. There is a new form of entrepreneurship. It's smart, it's solo and it's perfect for women. There are 5 solopreneur types you should know about!
Brigitte & Ehrenfried Conta Gromberg

How to plan & execute a successful crowdfunding campaign

More information coming soon!
Milena Glimbovski

How an accelerator helps boosting your business

What is an accelerator? How does the program work? What does the incubator Project Flying Elephant offer? Masoud Kamali, Founder & CEO of West Tech Ventures, will give deep insight...
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Franziska Schmid
Masoud Kamali
Jenny Boldt

Lunch Break

What Women Need To Succeed: Self-Trust, Mindset And Gut Feeling

Our potential for success is unlimited. Success is not acquired, it is created by those who were able to learn to trust their abilities, use entrepreneurial mindset and follow their...
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Val Racheeva

My 5 Learnings from starting an E-Commerce Business

Tanja Bogumil, Founder and CEO of the curated shopping platform for women Kisura, shares her 5 Learnings from starting an E-Commerce Business, including: Kisura Founders Story How to develop a...
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Tanja Bogumil

#Shiftchange: The New World of Work – Avoid Digital Taylorism and Build an agile Organisation for Knowledge Work

No matter if we call it New Work, Work4.0 or shift change: Digitization of workplace dominates our debate, automatization side a side with intelligent machines is coming. Are robots finally...
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Eva Nöll
Ellen Kuder

Coffee Break

Founding the magazine STRAIGHT

Straight is the magazine for women who love women or are looking for the love of women. Straight Magazine is giving a different perspective on female homosexuality. More information coming...
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Felicia Mutterer

Storytelling: The Power of Story for Entrepreneurship

There is a formula that has been capturing audiences for thousands of years. How can aspiring entrepreneurs use this to get the attention, empathy, and support of their audience ?...
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Miriam Rupp

How to start the start

How to start the start? This is always the key question and first step towards realizing your first idea. One has heard, seen and followed so many inspiring entrepreneurs, learning...
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Maru Winnacker

End of Conference – Let’s party…

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You want to enjoy drinks on a rooftop with great view over berlin and meeting like-minded and inspiring people? Then you should join our Networking-Party for only 10€ on AMANO...
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